Kaneohe Wrestling Program



LITTLE KIDS (4-6), KIDS (7-9), PRE-TEEN (10-12), TEEN (13-15), ADULTS (16+)

  • Monday & Wednesday - (4yr - 16yr) at 5:00 pm - 6:00pm
  • Monday & Wednesday - (16yr+) at 6:00 pm - 7:00pm

Head Coach: Mike Low
Duration : Year round training and Seasonal Programs
Curriculum: Fundamentals Techniques of Wrestling for High School, PAL, USA and Collegiate Prep
Required: T-Shirt, Shorts, Wrestling Shoes
Recommended: Mouth piece, Rash Guard - Long Sleeve & Spats

K-Team Wrestling, Focuses on the Kids Program which is the perfect way for your child to mature into an adult while learning take-downs and controlling moves for the wrestling. It is also a great way of getting in shape, making friends, and having fun. As both a martial art and contact sport this is a great opportunity for you child to learn how to persevere on the mats so they can persevere in life. The program strays away from the "win/lose contest philosophy" and focuses on instilling a hard work ethic, a positive attitude, and a love for the wrestling. Classes include techniques, physical drills, games, and live training.

How to Get Started

Our After School Care Program.

Programs: 30-Day Free Trial

Allows you child to attend all the wrestling classes for the 30 Days and see if they enjoy it. We just want to give you ample time for your child to decide before you become part of the team.

Sign Me Up

Part 1 - Come to the Gym on a Monday or Wednesday at 5pm
Part 2 - Sign up for the 30-Day Free Trail
Part 3 - Sign up for the Wrestling Membership
Part 4 - Upgrade to K-Team Membership (Complete access to all programs)